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Opportunities for students


In 2012 there are various exciting opportunities for Master and Honours-students (from ANU or elsewhere) to do either field-based or theoretical (modelling) projects in the field of climate change ecology, behavioural ecology and stochastic population dynamics. Furthermore, students with their own research plans that are related to this field are very welcome to come by for a chat or drop an email.

The 2012 projects will be focusing on 'adaptation to extreme climatic events'. In a world dominated by fragmented habitat, organisms often have no other option than to adjust locally to climate change. Currently, research focuses almost entirely on the potential of species to respond to changes in climate trends, such as increasing mean temperature. However, extreme climatic events—such as floods and heat waves—are also becoming more frequent. Responding to extreme climatic events is expected to operate via other mechanisms, and this begs the question whether animals can adjust fast enough to keep up with the rapid rate of climate change.





  • Project on how extreme climatic events affect the nesting behaviour and reproductive success of Australian fairy wrens.

  • Project on how Eurasian oystercatchers adapt their nest elevation to increasing flooding risks resulting from sea-level rise and changing weather patterns (fieldwork in the Netherlands).

  • Theoretical project to determine under what conditions adaptation by learning may evolve in response to increasingly frequent extreme climatic events.

For more information on these projects or to discuss your own ideas, please drop by for a chat, or send me an email

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